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Cloud Hands Press is a Chicago-based publishing house open to both literary fiction and non-fiction. We provide a platform for works on philosophy, art, history and more.


Our story started with an initial focus on publishing informed translations of classic works on Tai Chi Ch'uan and Taoist philosophy. Our founder, Tem Horwitz, has practiced Tai Chi and studied Taoism for more than 45 years. While Cloud Hands Press offers a sophisticated and deeply informed knowledge and lived experience in this area, we have expanded our original focus in order to publish inspiring and challenging works of literature and nonfiction on a broad range of topics, including art and photography.

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Tem Horwitz, Founder of Cloud Hands Press


Founder & Publisher

Tem Horwitz is a photographer, real estate developer, Tai Chi practitioner and teacher, and a writer. After earning a master's degree in intellectual history from Columbia University, he moved to Chicago and became a member of Chicago’s vibrant art scene. Horwitz met his mentor, Tai Chi master H. H. Lui, through a dance/theater group at Columbia College.


In the 1980s, with Lui’s encouragement, Horwitz and Susan Kimmelman founded the Cloud Hands organization. Cloud Hands promotes Tai Chi Ch’uan and Taoist philosophy through classes, books, lectures and events. Initially, Cloud Hands worked with a separate press to publish “Tai Chi Ch’uan: The Technique of Power.” It became one of the world’s best-selling Tai Chi books and was translated into multiple languages.


Later,  Horwitz founded Cloud Hands Press to publish an updated version of this classic and other works related to Tai Chi Ch’uan and Taoism. Today, Cloud Hands Press publishes inspiring works on a broad range of subjects. Horwitz himself is also the author, contributor and editor of numerous books, including “My Death,” “Arts Administration: How to Set Up and Run Successful Nonprofit Arts Organizations,” “The Runner's Guide to Chicago and the Suburbs” and “Law and the Arts - Art and the Law.”

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