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World-renowned photographer Marc Hauser has captured enduring images of icons like Woody Allen, Sophia Loren and Steve Jobs. Here he turns his attention to a group of artists who work in a less famous, but no less meaningful medium: their own bodies.

In a world where communication is increasingly cheap and self-expression increasingly transient, we are reminded that there is no substitute for a true, deeply personalized commitment to art, and that such commitment can be practiced by anyone, including, to name a few, mothers, dock workers, grammar school teachers and heart surgeons.


Photographs: Marc Hauser, Text: Matthew Bennett and Elias Cepeda, Introduction: Jonah Horwitz

Cloud Hands Press is pleased to announce the publication of Body Language: Stories in Flesh, a collaborative effort that examines the stories behind body art as told through the work of iconic photographer Marc Hauser. The book, 72 pages in length, is a hard cover edition. The photos and the accompanying stories are bold and captivating.

Hauser’s photographs convey the power and beauty of flesh as canvas. With sensitivity and depth, his camera examines the paradox of subjects who are both utterly exposed and yet covered up, both intensely exhibitionistic and yet exceedingly private.

The accompanying text, based on interviews with the subjects, further demonstrates the varied, complicated and often surprising connections individuals have with the artwork adorning their bodies.

Body Language Stories in Flesh: eBook

  • Available on Amazon

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