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What if two people who never met or saw each other or heard each other’s voices experienced a perfect conversation? Creative, inspiring, beautiful, challenging, intimate, passionate and spiritual; a conversation of art and poetry. Caldera’s abstract digital art spoke first. Hart’s poetry answered. There was no personal conversation between the artists. The art flowed from Juarez, Mexico first on Twitter, later by email to the North Shore of Chicago. The poem that the art inspired flowed electronically back to Mexico. 

This amazing conversation between Adrián Caldera’s art; and, poetry in English by Charlotte Hart, is translated into Spanish and has become the book, Desert Flow.


Charlotte Hart is an internationally known visual artist and poet. She lives on the North Shore of Chicago. Her poems have appeared in the Journal of Modern Poetry, Thema Literary Magazine, Poetica Magazine and Levure Littéraire, among many others. Her chapbook, Organic Spirits, from Finishing Line Press, is a whimsical compilation of poems inspired by the spirits of fruits and vegetables. Her book, The Pegasus Ring, is a lyrical celebration of love and memory. For her poetry, Hart has received awards from the Journal of Modern Poetry and the Poets and Patrons Society of Chicago.


Adrian Caldera is a celebrated abstract digital artist and photographer. His many solo shows include: Museo de Arte Moderno Alberto Gironella, Gomez Palacio Durango y Museo de Historica y Arte Contempor El Palacio de los Gurza, Durango, Museo Carrillo Gil, in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, among others. Caldera’s work was featured in,”Paquiné – Greatness for the Past, Inspiration for the Present.” Universitetet I Oslo, Institutt Og Museum for Anthropolog, Etnografisk Museum, Oslo, Norge. His digital art compositions, often dark, colorful and widely varied, are completely non-representational; and, highly evocative. Caldera lives in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Desert Flow: eBook