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This book is intended as an introduction to Tai Chi Ch’uan Classics. Our book features treatises and explanations on Tai Chi Ch’uan Classics from a variety of Taoist masters and scholars, translated from Chinese to English by our teacher and mentor H.H. Lui. In an effort to help our readers navigate these dense texts, we have supplemented them with meditations from Cloud Hands.


Our book is written in part for Westerners, by Westerners. Much of the Tai Chi literature to date falls into one of two categories. Books written by Orientals with an incomplete understanding of the Western perspective tend to be quaint and somewhat obscure, while books written in the effusive California flower style encourage unrealistic expectations. Tai Chi will not change your life in a weekend or in a week. It is a slow, slow process and you must be willing to sometimes be bored in order to learn the solace of repetition. Everyone yearns for inspiration. Tai Chi is genuine sustaining inspiration, but not of the lightning and thunder variety. The exercise gives its blessing in return for time and energy, and most of all, patience.

Tai Chi Ch'uan Classics: eBook

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